When craftmanship and technicality meets flamboyance and beauty.


The team started by getting to know the brand, why it exists and understanding its challenges. Bauvill had a great tagline, ‘We Build Ideas’ but it needed to be more relevant to the business.

We broke down the strapline and used it to communicate how Bauvill can share its expertise:

We – a people business
Build – the skill set
Ideas – problem-solving


We created a new brand language for them to help promote each division - Health, Education and Commercial. We designed three marks based on the construction world, a typography style, and an evolved colour system to be applied across their website, social and marketing activities.
The website also needed help to convert new business, so we restructured it to quickly communicate the breadth of scope and enable engagement with a spectrum of clients in a relevant way.

Our work has given Bauvill the stylish, modern update it needed to communicate its expertise and ambitions. Through the new way of presenting themselves, we have given them the tools for Bauvill to continue to grow and stand out as a leading construction brand.

Cutler & Gross Brand GuidelinesCutler & Gross Brand Guidelines
‘From the initial call through to our final brand package and website, Public were instrumental in listening to our needs whilst bringing ideas to life. The care and attention to detail we received has empowered our future company image, enabling us to reach new audiences with confidence whilst staking our claim in the industry as a modern contractor. Thank you to Simon and the team for all your work, we look forward to working with you on the next steps of our journey.’
Max Scally
Marketing Manager

Thank you.