We began by researching the brand’s history, values, and target audience. The research helped us better understand Cutler and Gross’ essence and what differentiates it from other eyewear brands. Out of the research, we uncovered the two personalities that define the brand’s personality. A brand built on friendship, it was established by opticians Mr Cutler and Mr Gross in 1969.

Tony Gross brought flair and flamboyancy, and Graham Cutler brought technical precision. Together, the pair created the perfect balance between taste and technicality, quickly cementing their reputation as industry leaders in eyewear.

When craftmanship and technicality meets flamboyance and beauty.


We used Cutler and Gross’ distinct personalities to bring the brand to life, bringing in typefaces, colours and a unique toolkit to express both characters.

We started to build a system around the existing wordmark. We created a series of visual assets that could be used across various touchpoints, including campaigns, packaging, advertising, and digital.
The original colour palette consisted only of black and white. Our goal was to add complementary colours to enhance the brand’s visual identity while keeping the iconic black and white at the forefront. We carefully selected the new colours based on timeless product colours and those significant in Graham Cutler and Tony Gross’ history. We introduced a rich green based on the original shopfront colour and a deep inky blue taken from a pair of their most iconic frames.
Cutler & Gross Brand Guidelines


Finally, we brought the brand to life through brand guidelines that set the standards for how the brand should be presented and communicated. These guidelines cover everything from responsive logos and typography to colour usage and digital assets. They provide the foundation for a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.
The result is a timeless and iconic brand toolkit. By staying true to the brand’s founders, heritage and values, we have created a language that will appeal to existing clients and new customers.
Cutler & Gross Brand Guidelines
Cutler & Gross Brand Guidelines
Cutler & Gross Brand GuidelinesCutler & Gross Brand Guidelines