We carefully chose colour and 2 typefaces, a sans serif to convey Garden State London’s friendly,
no-nonsense approach and a secondary serif to highlight statistics and facts.

Using an editorial design style, layering image and colour and adding a playful mix of typography, the toolkit works well across a wide range of photography styles. It allows Garden State London’s portfolio of diverse clients to remain consistent and recognisable as part of their brand.

When craftmanship and technicality meets flamboyance and beauty.


We applied the new toolkit across a new website and Garden State London’s socials. The new design style created a clear hierarchy of information that communicated the offer and services and also clearly outlined an exciting portfolio of client case studies.

Working with Garden State London from a start-up has been an incredible journey, giving them the creative tools to help them grow and promote their expertise across all media.

Thank you to Jo Lee and the team at GardenState.