We started by understanding what the products do and why they are unique. We also audited the competitors to get a complete picture of what is out there in the market. With this information, we started to build a strategy of what the identity had to do and look like.

When craftmanship and technicality meets flamboyance and beauty.


Working with the successful Reggiani master brand, we created a distinctive identity and design language to give them the tools to showcase the products and highlight their features and benefits.
By using bold colours, strong typography, and icons based on the lighting system, we created a successful identity for Traceline. Applying the brand across various assets, including social media campaigns, to countdown to the launch.

Traceline was the first time Reggiani had branded a product. The concept gave them the tools to showcase and bring it to market successfully.

Thank you to our family at Cutler&Gross:
Fiona, Sadie, Jack, John, Mark, Sam, and the rest of team at Cutler&Gross